Unsigned Studio is a global 3D visualisation and creative technology studio

Unsigned Studio is an Aurecon Business


Unsigned Studio is a global, multi-disciplinary studio and part of the Aurecon Business. We are a global team of creative professionals that enable people to experience and explore urban environments and infrastructure like never before. We make journeys unforgettable and tell stories that connect. Using visualisation, interactive, and creative technologies we shape how your audience sees your project.

Our expertise includes 3D visualisation for engineering and architecture, experimental and interactive technology tools for analysis, wayfinding and film-making to tell stories for commercial and community engagement.

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Our work is underpinned by strategy, storytelling, creative technology and experimentation. We work across diverse projects for a broad range of clients and sectors, and throughout the project life cycle. 

Our work is underpinned by strategic thinking. This involves understanding the client vision and proposing the right communication solution for the unique audience, timeline and budget. Following our best practice approach, we apply a clear project vision to the development of a suite of different mediums over the life of a project; responding to changing communication objectives and delivering efficiencies in process.

Story is critical in communicating complex ideas. Through storytelling we draw out the ‘why’ of a project and translate it into visual mediums that engage with diverse audience groups on a human level. Story guides the structuring of messages in videos, informs the composition and content of message-led imagery and builds into the user experience in interactive applications.

By applying new technologies we can improve user experience, find better ways to engage an audience, and generate production efficiencies by using the same base assets in more imaginative ways. A research-focused approach to creative technology guides the design and development of interactive applications and visualisation tools that add value to the way we communicate.


Community engagement .

Roads and Maritime Services

Masterplan & Precinct .

Carlton Innovation Precinct

Arts & Culture .

Sydney Opera House Renewal

Transport & Infrastructure .

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Masterplan & Precinct .

Fishermans Bend Catalyst Site

Government & Policy .

Plan Melbourne

Community Engagement .

Revitalising Newcastle

Our Team

Unsigned Studio is a multi-disciplinary global team of over 35 . We bring together professionals with backgrounds in animation, art direction, film, architecture, technology and coding. Here are a selection of our leaders.

Dave Mackenzie


Dave is one of our principals at Aurecon and after extensive experience working in Australia’s premiere digital studios, David joined Studio Magnified in 2015 as Technical Director. Dave’s specialisation is in creative applications of new technology for the built environment. Dave’s experience in 3D visualisation, programming and interactive design ensure that Unsigned Studio provides the latest and most innovative technology that the industry has to offer.


Nic Hamilton


Nic is one of our principals at Aurecon and brings together a unique combination of creative strategy and technical mastery, Nic spearheaded the transformation of Studio Magnified from architectural visualisation to a more diverse digital communications agency. Nic has 15 years’ experience in creating films for projects in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Drawing on a wide cultural network, he has also directed and created videos for a range of brands, agencies and cultural clients. 


Cecily Hearn


Cecily is Head of Production and connects the big picture to the actions that make it happen. Her experience in film and television and her exceptional team management skills guide projects that are delivered collaboratively, smoothly, efficiently and to a high standard. Her creative background and passion for communication ensures that the idea and message is paramount in the process throughout all mediums.


Daniel Bushaway


Daniel is an award winning Creative Director and oversees and guides the creative approach for all studio deliverables. Drawing on almost 20 years international branding, strategy and design experience, Daniel has helped to define some of London and Melbourne’s most recognisable companies and brands. His visual aesthetic ensures project alignment with client identity and audience experience.


Foo Chi Sung


Fooch is one of our principals and established the practice that was to become Studio Magnified in 2009 to deliver a unique creative offer to Australia and Southeast Asia. While Fooch’s focus at Unsigned Studio is business development, he is naturally ‘hands-on’ in the studio and is passionate about developing the visual techniques we use to communicate the built environment.


Michael Gardiner


Michael is our global technical lead and has 14 years’ experience at Aurecon and is dedicated to applying visualisation across the entire project lifecycle. He does this through the creation of bespoke frameworks and customised applications to solve engineering challenges, allowing Aurecon and its clients to make more informed decisions.


Sam Shepherd


Sam is a Visualisation Senior Specialist and has over 14 years of 3D visualisation experience, working with engineers and architects on large-scale and complex projects. Through his technical skill and creative approach, Sam has developed a flexible toolset to meet the challenges of communicating big ideas clearly and imaginatively.



Unsigned Studio works with government agencies, property developers, architects, cultural and education institutions. Our folio includes film, still and interactive content for over 500 projects in commercial, cultural, retail, residential, infrastructure and planning sectors. 

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Global Offices

Australia Melbourne

Foo Chi Sung (Fooch)




Australia Sydney

Sam Shepherd    




Australia Brisbane

Michael Gardiner




Australia Perth

Declan Barrett




Asia Singapore

Phil Lazarus





New Zealand Auckland

Rebecca Strang




New Zealand Christchurch

Simon Yorke


Middle East Dubai

Kevin Miller





South Africa Cape Town

Murray Walker




Africa Tshwane

Richard Matchett




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